New for 2020

School Analytics


An integrated assessment and analysis system for schools.

Visualize your pupil data using Microsoft Power BI


School Analytics drives improvement by providing cost-effective analysis for your school, consolidating data from the individual pupil to whole school and even to the MAT level. Integrates with SIMS and other pupil databases.



Drill down from whole school,  year group, class and all the way down to individual pupils.


Power BI visualisations give a very clear picture of your school’s data.


OPupil data is hosted on Microsoft’s secure servers using Office 365.


Instant access for your entire senior team. Via PC, tablet or phone.


School data looks well presented, clear and aesthetically pleasing.


Data is imported quickly and directly from SIMS or other MIS

New ways to see your school data

See the deeper trends that make your pupils unique

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