Updated for 2023

Power BI for Schools and MATs

  • Clear, insightful analysis of your school data.
  • Visually appealing and user-friendly.
  • Easy to share with colleagues.
  • Secure, available across all devices and always reliable.
  • Works with SIMS, Bromcom and Arbor.
  • Built with Microsoft Power BI.

Whole school summary

All the key information and KPIs for you school or MAT in one place.


See detailed attendance statistics. Drill down from overall attendance this year, to termly, monthly, weekly and even daily attendance.

School Analytics is a set of pre-configured Power BI visualizations for schools that shows your pupil data in new ways and helps you drive school improvement. It provides cost-effective, consolidated analysis for your school and it integrates with SIMS, Arbor and Bromcom.


Pupil First

Pupil details are never more than a click away. So you know the pupils behind the statistics.


Power BI visualisations give a very clear visual picture of your school’s data.


 Pupil data is hosted on Microsoft’s secure servers and integrates with your Office 365 system.


Instant access for your entire senior team. View analyses on PC, tablet or mobile phone.


School data looks well presented, clear and aesthetically pleasing. No clutter.


Data is imported quickly and directly from SIMS or other MIS. Choose your own data update schedule.

New ways to see your school data

See the deeper trends that make your pupils unique. School Analytics looks at your school’s SEN, pupil premium, FSM pupils and a wide range of other key pupil indicators and lets you make informed decisions about your most vulnerable pupils.

Power BI Venn diagram

Why Should Schools USE Power BI?

Power BI is a powerful data analytics tool that can help schools analyze pupil data and make data-driven decisions. Here are some reasons why schools should consider using Power BI for data analysis:

  1. Data visualization: Power BI can visualize data in a more meaningful way by creating charts, graphs, and tables that make it easier to interpret the data. This can help schools identify trends and patterns in pupil data, which can be used to inform decisions.
  2. Integration: Power BI can integrate with a variety of data sources, including Excel spreadsheets, cloud-based data sources, and databases. This makes it easier for schools to bring all their data into one place and analyze it in a more efficient manner.
  3. Almost real-time data analysis: Power BI can be set up to automatically update data up to eight times per day. This means that schools can make decisions based on the latest data, rather than waiting for manual updates.
  4. Customization: Power BI is highly customizable, allowing schools to create dashboards and reports tailored to their specific needs. This means that schools can focus on the data that is most important to them and analyze it in a way that makes sense for their unique situation.
  5. Collaboration: Power BI can be accessed by multiple users, which means that schools can collaborate on data analysis and share insights with each other. This can lead to better decision-making and a more collaborative school environment.

Overall, Power BI is a powerful tool that can help schools make better use of their pupil data. By using Power BI to analyze data, schools can gain valuable insights that can be used to improve pupil performance and make data-driven decisions.

POWER BI Advantages

Power BI can bring together data from multiple sources, including your school pupil database, but also from your HR system, your finance system, or even a simple Excel spreadsheet. All these data sources can be brought into a single Power BI report and analyses side-by-side. School Analytics uses data from your pupil database and from Excel to provide a level of analysis that hasn’t previously been available to schools.

  • Easy data export from your pupil database.
  • No spreadsheet tweaking required.
  • No admin time required – can be fully automated.
  • Cost effective.
  • Always available.
  • Always up to date.

NEXT Steps

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