This new DfE attendance measure is intended to identify students with a recent trend towards unauthorised absences. Schools can then choose to implement fines. You can find all the details in the DfE document here, but I wanted to make sure that schools were able to access this information via School Analytics and Power BI as well.

Accordingly, I’ve updated School Analytics with a new page titled ‘Attendance Monitor.’ This page is designed to track students who might not meet the Department for Education’s attendance benchmarks. It specifically lists students with unauthorised absences accumulated over the past 10 weeks, highlighting those with more than 10 such absences who might be subject to a fine starting in September. Additionally, the page provides counts of each student’s combined late arrivals and unauthorised absences, unapproved family holidays, and total late arrivals. The data is organized in a league table format, ranking students by the highest count at the top for easy identification. You don’t want to be top of this league table!

Here’s an interactive demo:

The code for the measure was first described by Ben Dobbs.