Round where I live, in the north west of England, there has been one clear winner in the race to develop an ‘assessment without levels’ solution: Assertive Mentoring. Nearly half of the schools I’ve visited over the last year have requested SIMS assessment manager systems either based directly on Assertive Mentoring or on variants of the basic framework.

Happily, SIMS is configurable to almost any assessment framework, so I haven’t had any problems creating systems for Assertive Mentoring (AM) schools. The system of grades used by AM (emerging, developing, secure and ready for next stage) are very similar to the grades adopted by Capita’s Programme of Study (PoS) marksheets, so it’s even possible to configure the PoS marksheets to feed formative data up to a summative marksheet based on AM grades.

If you want your basic School Analytics system tweaking to fit the assertive mentoring system, please contact me.