Showing progress your way

Many schools have been concerned with demonstrating progress to governors, school improvement professionals and Ofsted. I’ve worked with schools to define progress in several different ways. For example:

  1. Some schools don’t measure summative progress at all – reasoning that it imposes artificial thresholds and repeats the mistakes of sub levels. Formative progress is measured in terms of how many new key skills the pupils have secured or mastered.
  2. Some schools measure progress as the percentage of pupils attaining a specific overall grade each term. Progress is the increasing percentage of pupils attaining this grade over time.
  3. By counting the number of summative grades each pupil has progressed through since the start of the academic year or from the previous key stage and averaging this figure for the cohort.

School Analytics allows schools to measure progress in whichever way is best for your pupils. As a default, we measure progress by counting the number of grades the pupil has progressed through since the start of year baseline. Get in touch if you would prefer to use an alternative measure.


Powerful analysis at the point of entry

School Analytics and SIMS provides in-depth analysis from the moment the data is entered onto the marksheets. It is important that classroom teachers have access to timely and relevant analysis. This helps teachers retain ownership of their data by encouraging them to analyse their own data quickly, easily and in a timely manner.

Enabling class teachers

School Analytics helps teachers answer the following types of question:

  • How many pupils are working at age related expectations or higher?
  • The percentage of pupils working at each grade?
  • What’s the average grade of a group of pupils?
  • Which individual pupils are falling behind?
  • What vulnerable groups does the cohort contain?
  • What’s the gap between the vulnerable group and the other children?

Graphs for Visual Analysis

School Analytics provides a unique set of graphs to give a visual analysis of the data entered in the marksheets. Use the power of SIMS Discover to compare attainment by gender, SEN, EAL, pupil premium and almost any combination of factor.

Use aspect analyses to compare subjects

Powerful aspect analyses in SIMS give you an interactive summary of the latest grades attained in each subject. You can switch from percentages to the count of pupils. With a double-click you can ‘zoom-in’ and see the pupil names and grades ‘behind’ the statistics.

Simple to use and cost-effective

Here’s more good reasons to choose School Analytics:

  • No annual subscription costs.
  • Pay with a school purchase order, credit card or cheque
  • 30 day no-quibble refund policy
  • Multi-user – it can cope with every teacher entering data simultaneously
  • It builds on your existing SIMS database and uses the same familiar interface
  • Quick to install – you could be up and running today.

Online Training Available

School Analytics comes complete with a comprehensive online training course that you can share with staff to make sure that everyone gets the same high-quality CPD.

If you want to ‘try before you buy’ you can sign-up for the on-line course here.

Starting from £295 and with no annual subscription costs, School Analytics is the best value assessment system for schools.