Before you start

To install, customize, and distribute the School Analytics template app within your school, you need:

  • Power BI pro license.
  • Permissions to install template apps on your tenant. If you are not sure, contact the person in your school who is responsible for Microsoft licensing.
  • Familiarity with the basic concepts of Power BI.
  • A Wonde School ID and Token.
  • Note, that this version of School Analytics only has access to the previous 12 months of attendance data.


  • In the navigation pane in the Power BI service, select Apps > Get Apps.
  • In the Power BI apps marketplace, select Template Apps. You will see a large selection of templates by various companies. Use the search box to look for ‘School Analytics’.
  • When you find the School Analytics app, click GET IT NOW
  • In the dialogue box that appears, select Install.
  • When the installation finishes successfully, a notification tells you that your new app is ready. Look in the nav bar Apps section to find the School Analytics app.

Connecting the app to your school data

When you first install the app it contains sample data. Feel free to try the app out with the sample data. Eventually, you will want to connect the app to your school’s data. To connect your data, you will need to link your data via the Wonde system.

Many schools are already using Wonde to provide access to their pupil data to a variety of third-party companies. For example, FFT, Hegarty Maths, Purple Mash and Pobble all use Wonde to provide pupil data to their apps and websites. Wonde installation is quick, easy and inexpensive. To connect up your data you will need two identifiers from Wonde: a School ID and a Token.

  • Open the Power BI service at
  • Find the School Analytics workspace
  • Click on the Connect your data link (below)
  • Enter your Token and SchoolId into the relevant boxes 1 and 2 (see screenshot below)
  • Once you have entered your school ID and token, click on the advanced tab, and ensure that your report is set to automatically refresh your data daily at midnight.
  • Click Next.
  • You now need to connect School Analytics to the four sources that it uses to provide data. Three of them are simple online spreadsheets, and one source is Wonde. For all four sources, the authentication method is Anonymous