Power BI Education Data Meet Spring 2020

Thanks for attending the data meet on 2nd March – I found it really inspiring to see so many new ways to get insights from our school data. The presentations from Bruntwood and Microsoft made me think about pupil data in the wider context – not just pupil data but also buildings data, finance and HR data too. There’s a real sense that the artificial barriers between our disciplines are starting to blur – there’s strong competion for SIMS from other school MIS systems and, perhaps, a move to a more professional approach to pupil data.

Face to Face Power BI Training in Bolton in March 2020

I’m running a Power BI training course at the Bolton Arena (just off the M61) on the 23rd March 2020. The course aims to take you from beginner to intermediate level in one day. More details here.

On Line Power BI Training

I offer various online courses for both SIMS Assessment and Power BI at courses.simstraining.net

There’s a free Power BI for Beginners course and paid for SIMS+Power BI Intermediate course too.

Power BI Resources

Several people asked me if I could recommend websites, books and courses for people learning Power BI for the first time. Here’s my list of the best websites, online courses and books:


These books aren’t about Power BI as such, but are excellent guides to the art and science behind data visualization:


There’s an amazing range of online resources for Power BI and these are my favourites. Unfortunately, most online resources use sales and financial examples, rather than pupil data, but there are exceptions which I’ve highlighted below

YouTube channels to subscribe to


Here’s a video version of my presentation from the event. Underneath it you’ll find a more general presentation I created that’s intended to answer the question ‘What actually is Power BI?’