School Analytics Plans and Pricing

You can download a free version of School Analytics here.  The free version is designed for schools running SIMS and you can install it yourself.

Core, Attendance and Behaviour Modules

School Analytics comes in two modules: the School Analytics Core and Attendance module includes basic pupil demographics analyses, including year-to-date attendance and also provides daily, weekly, monthly or termly analysis of attendance marks data. The School Analytics Behaviour module provides analysis of your achievement and behaviour incidents.

Wonde integration

All three School Analytics modules are now compatible with Wonde, allowing for easy and secure access to your school data and access to up to 18 months of detailed attendance marks data.

Share your data with your team

Built using Microsoft Power BI, School Analytics is cloud based – which means that your data is both secure and easy to access, requiring a valid login ID and any web browser.


The Core and Attendance module can be purchased for £450. The Behaviour module costs just £295. Both modules can be purchased together for £550. Wonde integration costs £76 per annum. MATs from £350 per school. Versions also available for SIMS, Arbor and Bromcom – each has pros and cons. Contact me for details. To proceed with your order, send an email to