Here’s a demo of the School Analytics Attendance system. The advanced system provides an extra 10 pages of attendance statistics. Pages 1-10 are present in School Advanced Core and all the extra attendance pages are from page 11 onwards. It might take a few seconds to load. The demo is based on secondary school data but primary school data works just as well. Try changing the time period to select different academic years, terms, weeks and even individual days.  You can navigate to the other pages using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. 


Drill Down

Drill down from whole school,  year group and to class.

Drill through

Go from a key stage or a year group directly to a list of pupils.

Cross filter

Click on a data point and see how it affects other graphs.


‘sYour SIMS data can be exported quickly and automatically up to eight times per day, so it’s always up to date. School Analytics Core+Attendance also works with Bromcom’s MAT Vision and with Arbor’s Power BI connector.