School Analytics Free (SIMS VERSION)

The free Power BI dashboard for your school.

School Analytics Free is a cut down version of School Analytics. I designed it so that you can test drive all the benefits of Power BI without any expense. Hopefully, you’ll go on to buy the full version, or ask me to design a bespoke version for your school or MAT.

Power BI dashboards - front page

Works with your pupil database.

SIMS is used in over 70% of schools in England and Wales, so School Analytics integrates easily with the MIS that is most likely to be used by your school. It also works with Arbor and Bromcom databases.

Deep analysis

Power BI provides a wide range of visualizations, so school Analytics uses pie charts, donut charts, heatmaps, treemaps, geographical maps, as well as more traditional line and bar charts.



Pupil demographics.

Knowing how many pupils are in potentially vulnerable groups is important to schools, so School Analytics features pages like this, with a focus on every possible type of pupil. And bar charts are great, but sometimes schools just need an old fashioned table. To help identify which groups need extra intervention, School Analytics adds subtle colours to highlight larger groups.

Power BI dashboards for schools
Power BI dashboards - front page

Identify your pupils quickly.

The best data anlysis should enable teachers to identify individual pupils quickly, so in School Analytics you are never more than a click away from detailed pupil information that is sufficent to help you plan a tailored intervention.




Attendance focus.

Identifying attendance trends is vital, especially post-COVID, so School Analytics provides this analysis of pupil attendance bands. In a neat, easyily understood format, you have immediate access to pupil attendance statistics.

Power BI for pupil attendance

Find out more

You can download the free version of School Analytics yourself, and install it in less than 30 minutes. You will need a basic understanding of your school’s pupil database, and the ability to unzip some files and save them to a network subdirectory. You’ll also need to download Power BI Desktop (a free download from Microsoft). Full instructions are provided.